Gelcide consists of a patented solution of piperacillin and tazobactam paired with a carrier that effectively dispenses the potent active formula right to the bottom of the dental pocket or the wound. The local-delivery application minimizes some of the problems of systemic antibiotics, such as side effects and increased bacterial resistance.
Because it is applied directly as a liquid to the affected area, Gelcide is particularly suitable for preventing damage to the surrounding bone. Its unique formula allows it to rapidly penetrate into the pocket and subsequently gelify inside, while, on the surface, it creates a strong external film that virtually seals the wound. These capabilities allow for easy application while ensuring that the active ingredients are retained at the infection site.
Current SRP treatments are rendered less effective because of poor patient compliance. They place the burden of treatment on patients themselves, expecting them to self-administer antibiotics up three times a day off site. Gelcide allows the practitioner full control of the treatment process, and as a result increases the certainty of treatment outcomes.
Gelcide's exclusive formula is slowly released at effective concentrations for up to 8–10 days. The film is permeable but insoluble to fluids – protecting the pocket from further oral-bacteria exposure, subsequent irritation and infection.
This patented solution offers you an effective way of complementing standard SRP treatment. It will improve success rates, help prevent early body reabsorption and potential displacements – resulting in increased therapy compliance and more satisfied patients.