Clinical framework: treatment of dental pockets following Scale and Root Planning

Gelcide is s proven treatment in the market due to the following characteristics:

  • Highly effective against a broad range of bacteria through antibiotic activity of piperacilline associated with tazobactam avoiding bacterial resistance and increasing local AB activity. Is one of the strongest combination to kill bacteria and bacterial resistance.

  • Particularly effective against l’Actinobacillus actinomictemcomitans, P gingivalis, P Intermedia, B Fosythus that tend to populate subgingival soft tissues – hence providing limits to SRP

  • Easy to apply in dental pocket: Once applied it “seals” the pocket turning into gel in the pocket and into a film at gengival border. Most other LDAs do not have this property Link to video demonstration of the effect of gelation

  • Active for a period of 7-10 days .

  • After 10 days carrier is eroded and there is no need for removal sessions with patient

  • No or very limited side effects

  • Once opened remains active for 4 weeks for other applications /reinforcements.

Product composition:

  • 3 Powder bottles 112,5 mg sodium piperacillin + sodium tazobactam

  • 3 Liquid bottles 1 ml hydro-alcoholic solution with polymeric acrylic resins

  • 3 sterile disposable syringe

  • 3 sterile disposable blunted needle

Product is patented. Registered as Medical Device Class III, CE 0373

Treats up to … dental pockets